aftercare:  cremation options

After your pet has peacefully departed, there are decisions to make regarding his/her body.

To make things easier on you, we provide full service aftercare for your pet. Cremation is by far the most popular option as home-burial can be difficult and is prohibited in Maricopa County. If, however, you wish to keep your pet's remains for burial, the choice is yours and we will respect your decision.

Our cremations are compassionately and respectfully performed by All Pets Great and Small Crematorium in Mesa. The cremation options we offer include handling and transportation of your pet's body from your home. If you choose to have your pet's ashes returned (individual cremation), your ashes will be hand-delivered to you via courier as we take no chances with the mail service when it comes to a delivery of such importance.



We offer several categories of cremation urns and burial markers which we can custom order for you from our wholesale manufactures. Each order is custom engraved and shipped quickly to our facility, arriving in less than 5 business days on average. Only burial markers take a little longer.


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